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Exhibition | TCT KOREA 2018 (Changwon, South Korea)

Release date: 2018-10-18    clicks: 1406

The TCT KOREA 2018 exhibition is located in Changwon, a Korean industrial city. The pillar industries are mainly auto parts manufacturing and electronic products. The exhibitors at the show include internationally 3D printer manufacturers, as well as domestic printers and service providers, demonstrating the current 3D printing progress in the world and in Korea. Among them, metal 3D related exhibitors account for about 50% of the total, including equipment and applications, and applications are concentrated in aerospace, defense, automotive, electronics and other fields.

This exhibition has attracted large number of professional visitors, not only from the Korean companies in the world's top 500, but also from the defense and medical industries in Korea.

While presenting the most cutting-edge technology products to the audience, it also brings huge business opportunities to exhibitors. MTI, as a professional supplier of metal 3D printing materials, benefits a lot.

MTI is moving on with the development of Additive Manufacturing!