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Exhibition | DMP 2018 (Dongguan, China)

Release date: 2018-11-30    clicks: 1101

The annual DMP exhibition in Dongguan was successfully held. The exhibition has accumulated the latest products and latest applications of “Future Technology” in the field of intellectual engineering including industrial robots, AI, Internet of Things, 3D printing, high-precision machine tools, etc., attracting more than domestic and overseas applications. 130,000 viewers attended the exhibition.

The exhibition area of the exhibition is 130,000 square meters, and 1,675 companies have been finalized, mainly from China (including Hong Kong, Taiwan), Japan, South Korea, Germany, the United States, Switzerland, Italy, Israel and other countries and regions with more than 10 intelligent equipment manufacturing. The number of exhibitors increased by 21% compared with last year, and plans to use 7182 booths, an increase of 15% over last year.

While presenting the most cutting-edge technology products to the audience, it also brings huge business opportunities to exhibitors. MTI, as a professional supplier of metal 3D printing materials, benefits a lot.

MTI is moving on with the development of Additive Manufacturing!