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S&M | The market prospect of the metal 3D printers in dental industry

Release date: 2017-05-23    clicks: 3360

The market prospect of the metal 3D printers in dental industry


Policy Level:

The policy strategies of , and <“13th Five Year Plan” of national strategic emerging industry development planning> marks that Additive Manufacturing has been promoted to the national strategic level. AM technology has made great breakthrough, the traditional industrial system is facing change, AM will reshape manufacturing pattern of international division of labor.

pointed out that as the individualized and diversified consumption gradually become the mainstream, miniaturization, intellectualization and specialization will become new features of economic organization. 3D printing will become increasingly prominent in the service of "mass entrepreneurship, mass innovation" and "Internet +" and intelligent manufacturing. With the breakthrough of 3D printing materials, 3D printing is bound to have a transformative effect on traditional manufacturing, creating new forms of business.


Dental Industry:

3D printing has actually applied to every medical field. Based on the rapid popularization of design software in dental restoration, the 3D printing has been used in metal denture processing plants, with the digital technology to make 3D model into real products. It has brought the high precision and low cost solution for dental industry. Compared with the traditional manufacturing mode, oral 3D printing is more suitable for production of small batch customization and complex shape products, such as oral denture, bracket, surgical guide plate and orthotics, etc. 3D printing will significantly improve the accuracy and efficiency of oral health care.

With the application of 3D printing technology in the oral field, it not only brings change to our ideas, but also brings subversive development for clinical procedure of oral cavity. With oral CBCT diagnosis technology, chair beside the digital impression collected repair technology, CAD/CAM design and 3D printing technology, the digital oral medical technology era has arrived. The industry is about to enter the new era, and will revolutionize.



Guide Plate



Market Prospect:

According to the public information, there are about 2, 000 registered factories in China, and more than 3, 000 factories in the actual market. By the end of 2016, about 80 factories have purchased metal 3D printers, which is less than 3%, and these enterprises are still in the stage of exploration and test.

The dramatic price rise of Chinese labor, raw materials and rent pushed up the cost of traditional denture manufacturing, make digital denture processing system solution become the development direction of the industry, and 3D printer is an important role in the whole process. It is expected that more than 40% of denture plants will transform and upgrade to take digital solutions in the 3 to 5 years According to the current orders, we can calculate and estimate that each factory needs 3 printers on average, which means that there will be more than 3000 units needed in Chinese market.

Currently in Chinese Market, there is about 40 Concept Laser printers, 50 EOS and SISMA printers and about 50 other devices. Mainstream devices include CONCEPT LASER M LAB, EOS M100, SISMA MySint100, FARSOON FS121M, etc.

From the second half of this year to the end of 2019, it is expected to be an outbreak period of metal 3D printer installation in China's dental market.


EOS M100

SISMA MySint100