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Exhibition | Rapid+TCT 2017

Release date: 2017-05-12    clicks: 1448

MTI – Rapid+TCT 2017


Rapid+TCT 2017 exhibition was hold in Pittsburgh, USA during May 9 to 11. MTI was the again to represent at this exhibition with booth no. 1251.

During Rapid+TCT, MTI bring a strong lineup to customers, including Stainless Steels, Tool Steels, Cobalt Based Alloys, Nickel Based Alloys, Aluminum Alloys and Magnesium Alloys, etc.

Rapid is the most influential 3D printing exhibition in the North America, which attracts lots of 3D printing related companies to exhibit. MTI join and view the market trend of the 3D printing: the market expending rapidly, fewer equipment and materials newcomers than ever, more and more demand in specialized materials (high temperature resistant and high performance materials).

The market is expending with the more fierce competition. MTI will continue to promote the brand to customers all around the world, as well as enlarging product categories, improving product quality and increasing the production capacity. MTI will take an important seat in the AM market in the future.

MTI are moving on with the development of Additive Manufacturing!