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Exhibition | AMCC 2017

Release date: 2017-07-31    clicks: 5862

The first high-level exhibition guided by the authoritative government department

The first specialized event held by a State-level alliance

Concurrently held with the Meeting of BRICs Ministers of Industry and the Meeting of BRICs Ministers of Communications

Showcasing the fruits of the State-level programs aimed to advance additive manufacturing

Concurrently held with the Member Meeting of the Additive Manufacturing Alliance of China

A state-level specialized event that guides the new trends of industrial development

Additive manufacturing technology is among the key symbols of the new round of industrial revolution, which reflects the close combination of information network technologies, advanced materials technologies and digital manufacturing technologies and represents the new growth points of future industrial development. Accelerating the development of additive manufacturing industry is an important means for China to advance manufacturing transformation and develop into a powerful manufacturing nation.

To systematically summarize the results of the implementation of the State Plan for Advancing Development of Additive Manufacturing Industry(2015-2016), comprehensively display the innovation of China's additive manufacturing technologies as well as the major fruits of industrialization and demonstrative application, promote additive manufacturing technologies and excellent solutions, build a platform for international exchanges, jointly explore the trends of additive manufacturing technologies and the bottlenecks and obstacles encountered during development, advance the connection between production and research, connection between industry and finance and connection between production and demand, and further expand industrial application, the Additive Manufacturing Conference of China 2017, jointly hosted by China Center for Information Industry Development, Economic and Information Commission of Zhejiang Province and the People's Government of Hangzhou, will be held at Hangzhou International Expo Center during July 28-30.

As the organizers of the event, the Additive Manufacturing Alliance of China, the only State-level industrial alliance in the additive manufacturing industry, and Hangzhou Xiaoshan District Government, will work to build the Additive Manufacturing Conference of China 2017 to become a State-level brand exhibition in additive manufacturing industry. The event happens to be held concurrently with the 2nd Meeting BRICs Ministers of Industry and the 3rd Meeting of BRICs Ministers of Communications. Taking the opportunities, the Organizing Committee will invite government leaders of BRICs countries, experts and scholars and entrepreneurs in additive manufacturing industry to have exchanges about the highest level of technologies and display the latest fruits focusing on the key fields of additive manufacturing research and application, make clear the trends of advanced manufacturing and explore the profound influence of additional material manufacturing on the new industrial revolution in the future. It will be a grand feast for additive manufacturing industry.

MTI have not only showed metal powder products, but also showed the infinite possibility of 3D printing in many industry areas to visitors.

MTI are moving on with the development of Additive Manufacturing!