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MTI | "Guangzhou Key New Materials First Batch Application Demonstration Guidance Catalogue"

Release date: 2019-04-25    clicks: 1126

In order to implement the “Guidelines for the Development of New Materials Industry”, the Guangzhou Municipal Bureau of Industry and Information Technology has accelerated the development of new materials industry in Guangzhou, supported the technological innovation and promotion of a number of key new materials products, and commissioned a third-party organization to compile “Guangzhou key new materials first batchapplication demonstration guidance catalog (2018 edition). Material Technology Innovations Co., Ltd. (abbreviation: MTI), as a 3D printing material R&D and manufacturing enterprise with independent intellectual property rights in Guangzhou, is one of the products of cobalt alloy powder for 3D printing. It is an honor to be on April 24, 2019. The selection of the guidance catalogue of the day, this selection is the recognition and reward for the independent research and development of MTI for many years.

The description of the product in the guidance catalogue includes: “Powder median particle size D50: 25~38μm, Hall flow rate<20s/50g, oxygen content<500ppm, gold-ceramic bond strength>35MPa”, the median diameter and the Hall flow rate are summarized by MTI after comprehensive testing of many international and domestic first-class 3D printer equipment; the oxygen content and the strength of the gold-ceramic combination are obtained after long-term exploration of the denture production process and based on the test data.

In the future, MTI will always adhere to independent research and development, and continue to explore and provide more new material solutions for biomedicine and health care.